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Box Of Life

We are a charity of extremely lucky people wanting to help those who are stuck in an unfortunate situation. The stores in Venezuela have no food or basic goods. It does not matter if you have money, there is nothing available for sale except through black market avenues profiting  by the very government that is keeping the stores empty. Our goal is to provide items directly to those who need it, because without it

-an infection gets no antibiotics

-a senior goes without blood pressure medication

-a cataract surgery fails without proper aftercare drops

-a child dies of dehydration without an antidiuretic

-a diabetic dies without access to insulin

The people we support are directly in the trenches, spreading critical goods and traditions of charity that the country is losing with every passing day. The work we do creates a ripple effect of help. Join the cause, it's contagious!

You can create change by simply donating what you can, whether it be goods or cash, to help fill a box that will be sent to someone in need. Any amount helps, one more bar of soap or toothpaste is one we didn't have without you. Go to the Donate bar above to be redirected to our donation site.

We are always looking for people to help us find deals, coupons and donations as well as preparing boxes for shipment. Donating your time is an equally valuable gift and helps us do what we do much more efficiently.

Our mission is to get food and necessary supplies directly in the hands of people who desperately need it and live in a  country where it is simply not available. Non-perishables, toiletries, and medications are some of our most common donations.