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Our Story

With family and friends living in Venezuela, there were always news of ridiculous products that were no longer available. It had gone as far as toilet paper at times. It was hard to go about daily lives without feeling like there was more that could be done. So I started small, buying products to make their lives easier: things like deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, pads. Things we can't imagine not being able to get. Initially, I was worried about sending anything because the mail system is unreliable and corruption is widespread. But the first box arrived in perfect condition in about 3 weeks. Then the second. The third. Once my family's pantry was stocked, they asked if they could give some away. Soon, we were wanting to reach more people. We heard word of a senior living facility housing 40 women, all living without very basic necessities for the elderly. As it turns out, it only takes about $200 a month to support their entire operation. We started tee-shirt drives and Facebook campaigns but it still wasn't enough to really make a difference. We have started a list of reliable contact points to send donations to. We have now successfully sent over a dozen boxes, funded by us and generous donations. We are small, but there is a ton we can accomplish. 

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Key People

Three Generations of Problem Solvers


Sara Perry

Sara Perry is the founder of Box of Life. She is a sex coach and researcher and puts virtual pen to paper in her blog and attempts to "fix the world" through her philanthropy and her brand Haven Space (available on all podcast platforms). She raises two brilliant young humans in Houston, Texas.


Alicia Castillo Holley

Dr. Alicia Castillo Holley is a serial entrepreneur, former CEO of a seed capital fund and angel investor. She has consulted for over 500 start ups on strategy, including financing. She is an international expert on entrepreneurship, innovation and venture capital. You can find out more about her at


Simonetta Holley

Simonetta Holley is an Italian turned Venezuelan who lived through the glory days of the country and watched its collapse first hand. She moved to the United States to be closer to her children in 2014. She spends her days growing a garden and watching her children and great grandchildren.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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